Angel of the Month February – Maria


Maria is a skater who is truly is dedicated to ACDG. She is every bit the definition of a Rising Star. Not only is she dedicated to learning the game of roller derby, she has become indispensable to the New Recruitment program through her mentorship of incoming skaters. Maria is also an integral part of the marketing committee. She makes sure that all of ACDG’s printed marketing makes it into the hands of the league to promote our games. And, she takes those flyers with her when she joins as many street team events as she can to spread the gospel of Angel City! On game day, you’re likely to see her at the box office, recruitment table, or working multiple shifts, because she truly is a team player. Thank you for your hard work and dedication, Maria! You are truly an ACDG Rising Star!


  1. Patty Espina - February 3, 2014 2:50 AM

    I am so proud of Maria she is a wonderful daughter and sister and we all know that she puts her heart on everything she does. Thank you Maria Josse we live you!!

  2. Antonia Scatton - November 11, 2015 5:30 PM

    Hi! I am a total newby.

    I just bought a nice pair of skates, but haven’t skated since I was a kid (back in the 70’s) and I was decent but not great then. I have just had a burning life-long desire to skate. I believe that there is a really good skater in me somewhere, I just need to get my legs back.

    Do you have any programs or opportunities for middle aged blobs like me to put on their skates and get out there and have a blast while getting some exercise?

    The idea of going to a rink to just ride around in circles is just a tad too boring. But throw in a little hip-checking and I’m all in.

    If you don’t have a program like that, you might start one. There must be others like me.

    What do you recommend?




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