Angel of the Month, December – PK Biddy!

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As we head into the season of goodwill, good cheer and gift giving, we are delighted to introduce our December Angel of the Month, PK Biddy, the gift that keeps on giving.

In June of 2014, PK Biddy joined the ranks of our illustrious Parks & REFreation with passion and excitement for the game and a desire to grow into the dedicated official he is today.

As a skating official and track supervisor, Biddy has worked almost all of our home tournaments, games, scrimmages and fundraisers and is a true team member and an integral part of our officiating crew and league. But, his works of awesomeness go beyond the talent he provides our league.  Always happy to lend a helping hand, whistle, or skate, Biddy traveled extensively this season working a myriad of tournaments all over the country; such as the Dustbowl Invitational, WFTDA B Team Championships, WFTDA Continental Cup in Kalamazoo, MRDA Championships, The Big O, Boardwalk Empire, and many more! Additionally, he makes himself available to the local derby community, often officiating games for other local leagues.

In 2017 Biddy took a short hiatus from officiating to join the ranks of our training committee. Expanding his knowledge of the game as a trainer for our Rookies and Rising Stars only served to make him an even better, more well-rounded official when he returned to the officiating crew in 2018 and back into stripes he went.

Big hearted and generous with his time on and off the track, Biddy is an animal lover and advocate who volunteers his time outside of derby to animal rights, environmental issues and his local community. We must also answer the question, “what does his name mean?” Biddy describes his name as honoring his late father (“Pete’s Kid”) and as a nod to his former home Australia (“Biddy” a slang word a friend often used). The more you know! Cue rainbow shooting star graphic.

We can’t help but end this tribute with a little quote that sums up our collective feelings about our December Angel of the Month, PK Biddy.

“Biddy has shown so much growth as an official since rejoining P&R this year. He is a positive force on the crew, shows a dedication to officiating that is inspiring, and is always ready to jump in and help wherever needed. A true team member and an integral part of our officiating crew and league.” – Darby O’Kill, Board of Directors and former Head of ACD Officiating.

Want to see PK Biddy in action? There’s no shortage of Biddy sightings available so keep your eyes peeled for him around town at a roller derby near you and check him out when our season starts back up in 2019!

***Photo credits: Sean Hale, Tough Girls on Eight Wheels, Derby Shots Jason Sewell

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