Bolly smiles wearing a red Angel City Derby uniform in front of a gold backdrop

Angel of the Month, December – Bollywood Brawler!

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Bolly fights to get through the packPut your hands together for our December Angel of the Month, Bollywood Brawler! Bolly transferred to ACD in March from Beach Cities Roller Derby and now skates with the Road Ragers.

Since her arrival, Bolly’s dedication on and off the track has impressed both her coaches and her peers. With the time and attention she gives at every practice, she continues to grow with leaps and bounds. Bolly does nothing by halves; she puts care and commitment into everything she does both on skates, and off.

Bolly leans into a crossover as she skates around the track.

Photo by Tristan King

As a friend, Bolly always has your back, ready to lend you strength and words of support. She stands for what she believes in, and speaks up when she sees injustice.

Derby isn’t her only passion; Bolly is an avid tennis player and loves to curl up with a good book. In a past life, she was even a dog trainer! She’s also an amazing mom to two teens, a feat in itself! Her life is incredibly full of love that she gives to all she does, and we are so thankful for the love and time she has chosen to put into derby and Angel City.


Cheer on Bollywood Brawler when we hit the track in the 2020 season!

Bolly looks at the ref as she skates around the track.

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