Manda stands in front of a shiny gold background, with her arms crossed.

Angel of the Month, August – Manda Tori Beatdown!

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Introducing our August Angel of the Month, Manda Tori Beatdown!Manda is in profile, looking intensely into the distance.

Manda joined Angel City on November 13, 2017, transferring from Badfish Roller Derby. She has been playing derby since 2014. Manda has coached all levels of skaters, including Angel City’s Rookies and her former league mates. She also contributes to the league as Membership Roster Manager and keeps us hydrated as part of the Warehouse Committee. She is a Rocket Queens team captain and has been on our Travel Team for two years.
Fun fact about this talented athlete: if you were to pay her a visit, you would find turtles in her backyard! 
Manda is kind, a great listener, a hardworking teammate, and a key part of the amazing community that keeps Angel City Derby rolling. We appreciate all that she does for us!
Manda stands in derby position on the track. Come see Manda and the Rocket Queens take on Reign of Terror from Rat City Roller Derby on Saturday, August 10!Manda is blocking with her arm around another skater

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