Angel of the Month October – Shunami Bomb

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Our Angel of the month for October 2016 is #609 Shunami Bomb!!!

Shu is a pivot and blocker and skates for our regionally competitive team, the Shore Shots! She joined ACDG in March 2011 when the recruitment Pegasus scooped her up from the Santa Monica Health & Fitness Expo. Since then, Shu has been an explosive force and we are so happy to have her with us! She started out as a jammer on the Rocket Queens, eventually Co-Captaining the team and also becoming Co-head of Marketing where she founded our A/V Club which is responsible for all the broadcasting of our games and the cool promo videos we produce.

Currently Shu is part of our Training Committee most often training Fit Club practices. This has been especially significant in the last couple of months as our WFTDA charter team, The Hollywood Scarlets, prepared for play-offs in Vancouver, Canada and are currently preparing to go to the Championship Tournament in Portland, Oregon. Shu graciously volunteered to lead Fit Club practices when Scarlet trainers had team obligations. This is but one example of Shu’s selfless attitude and is what makes her a great league-mate and team member.

She is also an avid animal lover, and spearheaded ACDG’s involvement with Ace of Hearts in helping dogs get adopted. In 2014 Shu took some time off to expand her family and become a mom of her very own tiny human who we all know and love. We love you, Shu! We are so happy you skate and represent ACDG.

You can watch Shunami Bomb skate Saturday October 8, 2016 when the Shore Shots take on West Coast Derby Knockouts TKO’s and the Road Ragers take on West Coast Derby Knockouts Uppercuts.

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