Angel of the Month October – Octane Jane

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Octane Jane is our Angel of the month for October 2014.  Octane joined ACDG in November 2011. A natural athlete, she quickly joined our WFTDA ranked charter team, the Hollywood Scarlets. Since day one, Octane has been a great assist to our marketing committee working on our website.

Octane is a valuable member of our Steering committee and is also part of our training committee as she is the head trainer for our local traveling team, The Road Ragers!  As head coach, Octane’s a huge inspiration as she’s extremely thoughtful and uses her own experience to improve team performance.

Octane started Angel Ambassadors to spread positivity, excitement and continuous engagement within the ACDG community.  With everything she does, she also singlehandedly recycles the ACDG recycling to raise money for Angel Ambassador events.

Octane can be seen with the rest of Hollywood Scarlets at the WFTDA international Championship Tournament in Nashville, Tennessee on October 31st through November 2nd!

Needless to say she is a leader and a positive soul.



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