Angel of the Month November – Charmer

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Roller derby is the kind of community that celebrates versatility and diversity in our members. Angel City is lucky to have many members that wear (or have worn) many different hats and taken on varied roles. This month, we celebrate one of our most versatile members who has seen ACDG through nearly every lens!

Charmer transferred to ACDG in 2009 as a skater, and was an original member of the Rocket Queens where she protected that inside line like no other blocker could. In 2010, Charmer made the decision to step into stripes and learn the craft of officiating. Under the mentorship of other tenured officials, in just two short years she became a Level 3 WFTDA certified official and led the ACDG officiating crew “Parks and Refreation.” Beyond her skating contributions, Charmer led the safety committee for several years and is a trusted advisor when it comes to skater injuries and health.

At the end of 2015, Charmer made another enormous role change and decided to approach the ACDG Charter team, the Hollywood Scarlets, seeking the opportunity to coach in 2016. Charmer stepped into the huge role of head coach for the Scarlets at the beginning of the 2016 season and has been instrumental in the team’s upward arc of success this year. The progress the team has made under Charmer’s leadership was especially evident during the WFTDA 2016 International Playoffs where the Scarlets dominated the weekend and closed out with an amazingly close bout against the #2 globally ranked VRDL from Melbourne, Australia. Her strength and steady guidance were clear for all those that were able to watch. From this game they succeeded in not only increasing their ranking but showed the global roller derby community that ACDG is here to win and the Hydra is well within their reach.

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