Angel of the Month March – Juana Teaze

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We found a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow with our Angel of the Month! We are fortunate to announce our March 2015 lucky charm is none other than Rocket Queen Captain, #2 Juana Teaze!

Since joining ACDG in July 2012, Juana’s attitude has been impeccable and she will do anything for her teammates. Her leadership abilities mixed with her positive outlook and dedication to ACDG are just some of the qualities that make her an amazing athlete and team player both on and off the track.

On the track, Juana has been team captain for our regional travel team the Rocket Queens for two seasons, and a striking blocker for the squad. As team captain, Juana is extremely dedicated to her team as she’s got an amazingly positive attitude, is always encouraging, and is sure to make fellow Queens feel included, informed, and empowered.

Off track, Juana has coached Fresh Meat for a year, the Rising Stars for a year, and now she is one of the coaches for our local traveling team, the Road Ragers!

Juana has always been (and continues to be) willing to do anything for the members of ACDG, she’s the kind of person that would give the shirt off her back. She’s wonderful, fun, creative and spirited. Without a doubt, anyone that has the privilege of being graced by her presence, on or off the track is indeed lucky.

You can watch Juana Teaze and the rest of the Rocket Queens as they take on the Ventura VenDolls on March 21, 2015!

Photo credit:  Matthew Becker Photography

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