AEROSMITH featuring Angel City!

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That’s right! The legendary rock band Aerosmith selected a handful of skaters to be featured in their newest music video for the aptly titled song, “Legendary Child.”  Director Casey Patrick Tebo selected none other than 3 of Angel City’s very own Hollywood Scarlets.   Black Star Heroine as the evil punk rock skater and the rough-and-tumble duo of Rachel Rotten and Fifi Nomenon as the suited evil agents.  Also selected was new Rocket Queen, Stormy Heather, to play the stunt double of lead actress Alexa Vega!  Tebo also selected ladies from our friends at the LA Derby Dolls; Mental Skate, Sly Foxx, Hooker Heather and Hurt LockHer. 


The ladies from both leagues had a blast filming the video and were proud to represent Los Angeles roller derby to the world of rock!  We might be a little biased, but we think that they made a pretty great choice adding some derby flavor to this music video, and it totally kicks ass! Check it out!

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