ACDG Rocket Queens VS SoCal Derby

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By: Killa Nois

2012 is proving to be yet another impressive year for ACDG.  The mighty Rocket Queens brought their top game in San Diego against the ladies of SoCal Derby.   In the end, the Queens held on to their undefeated title with a score of 126-98!

The teams were evenly matched and both came with the drive to win.  It was clear, after the first jam, both The Rocket Queens and SoCal were going to play hard, smart, and strategic. The Queens built impenetrable walls, holding back SoCal’s fierce jammers.  Newer ACDG members FiFi Nomenon and B-Train widened the score gap with their skillful jamming,  with the help of smart plays led by their strong and aware pivot, Sela Cidal.  It was not an easy task holding walls and staying calm with SoCal powerhouses and long-time derby veterans like Trish the Dish and Ivanna S. Pankin, both playing an incredibly hard-hitting game.  Everyone played their hardest, but it was blocker Rachel Rotten who walked away with the MVP award for the Rocket Queens and the impressive Mistress Doom took it for SoCal.

The nail-biting game ended with the Rocket Queens 28-point victory over SoCal Derby.  The 2012-year is bringing big competition, but the Rocket Queens keep proving that they can take on anyone!! POP POP!

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