ACDG Hosts the Tinseltown Showdown!

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ACDG held the first Tinseltown Showdown from April 5th through April 7th, the league’s first time hosting three teams over one weekend in tournament style play.  Three Division 1 WFTDA teams were invited to send their best and they did not disappoint. The Tampa Tantrums were in attendance from the Tampa Bay Derby Darlins, Houston Roller Derby sent their All-Stars, the Brewcity Bruisers sent their All-Stars and the Hollywood Scarlets represented Angel City for the weekend of sanctioned game play.  Though the bouts were not open to the public, they were AMAZING and we are very happy to report that your Hollywood Scarlets were 3-0 for the weekend. We could not be more proud!


Tampa Bay Derby DarlinsHouston Roller Derby and Brewcity Bruisers, we can’t thank you enough for coming to our home and admire your teamwork, athleticism and sportswomanship.  We hope to make this an annual event that we can bring to you, the fans, so stay tuned for info on next year’s Showdown!


Weekend Scores: 

Angel City 385 v Brewcity 44

Houston 148 v Tampa 150

Angel City 265 v Houston 96

Tampa 297 v. Brewcity 101

Houston 333 v Brewcity 156 

Angel City 309 v Tampa 130

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