ACDG 2013 Season Opener Huge Success!

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Saturday night’s sold out 2013 season-opening double-header against Santa Cruz was memorable not just because it was the exciting debut of the Road Ragers, but also because the double header was a sold-out and completely packed event! The line snaked around the corner last Saturday evening outside the Culver City Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium, as folks waited patiently for the Angel City Derby 2013 home season opener to begin.  The night opened with a stellar match-up between the debuting Road Ragers, and the Seabright Sirens, as they battled through the first half with a neck-and-neck 2 or 3 points between them.

Both teams fought hard in the first half trading jammer penalties equally, allowing each team to take turns capitalizing on scoring.  The incredibly close score at half time of 99-96 in favor of the Ragers made it clear that to win the game, the Angel City ladies would have to adjust their strategy to secure a comfortable lead. Fans were still on the edge of their seats when the game started back up. The Ragers quickly picked up a number of points with some excellent jams by Ashley Mitchell, Alkali Mettle, and FilthyOne. Rollin’ Ryan and AC Slaughter showed off some outstanding leadership skills in the role of pivot throughout the night, and exceptional blocking by Laura Smashley, Malice Munro, and Goreville Schredenbacher helped to bring the brand new team their very first official win with a final score of 220-161.

The action continued as the second bout of the evening began, in which ACDG’s Rocket Queens took on Santa Cruz’s Harbor Hellcats.  A strong start to the game for Angel City as Black Star Heroine took lead jammer, but the lead did not last for long as the Hellcats jammer HellaLuna picked up enough points to jump in the ahead and take the lead. Not for long however, Stormy Heather soon got her BOOM on and took back the lead for ACDG. Shortly after, Black Star skillfully handled a power jam that put the Queens in the lead by 52 points. With the superpowers of Donna Diggler’s pivoting, at half time the score sat at 87:37 in ACDG’s favor.

 The second half did not bring any greater success for the Hellcats, even after back-to-back power jams in their favor. Betty Bolts and Missy Muerte set up some serious defensive walls that set the Hellcats back so far that even a series of back-to-back powerjams couldn’t recapture this game for them. Stormy Heather then made it 5 times through the pack in a single jam, to help the Rocket Queens to a 170:100 victory against Santa Cruz. Nail-biting! Thank you, Santa Cruz, for making our night so special!

There will be much more explosive success from all of the teams at Angel City this season, so make sure not to miss any of the action!

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