Group photo of Parks and Refreation

Collectively, the officials affiliated with Angel City Derby are known as Parks & REFreation. They range in experience and skill from brand new recruits who are learning the basics of officiating, to highly qualified officials who work at the highest levels of tournament play in the world. They are a crucial part of the organization that provides staffing for tournaments, games, and scrimmages, and they also work directly with the league to ensure all skaters have a thorough understanding of the rules that govern our sport. Want to know more or possibly join the crew? Please email us at to request information.

Parks and REFreation

Al Capwn3d
Allyn UR Grill
Darby O’Kill
Flogging Mauler
Gia Culpa
Jules Infield
Los Angry-Lez
Master Smasher
Mike SumNoyz
Millie Dread
Oliver DePlace 
Pocket Rocket
Rave N BustHer
Right Hand of Skatan
Roger Assaultrey
Star Pass Dragon
STO nasty
Throttle Rocket
ZuZu Metal