Alumni and Staff

In 2006, a handful of women dreamed up the Angel City Derby.  Many of those women have continued to stay involved long after hanging up their skates and are an integral part of our league staff.

Throughout the years, many women have joined and made a huge impact on our organization and these women are our family.  We’re very proud to cherish the legacy of our retired skaters, many of them still involved with ACD or skating elsewhere around globe.

Angel City Active Alumni:

Ashley Hobbs
Babyface Nellie
Bee A. Frayed
Black Star Heroine
Blow Hole
Booty Ninja
Brawl Stanley
Chica Go Lightning
Choke Norris
Chris Dobbins
Delilah Decider
Duchess Von Damn
Evie McSkeevy
GoGo Gidget
Hunnie Brasco
Ima Blowbya
Kwyet Wryot
MadDog McGillicuddy
Micki Krimmel
Ms. D’Fiant
Silent DisAshter
Skatie Blah Blah
Sonic Ryder
Stormy Heather

Angel City Staff:

Abbie Normal
Bcup Teacup
Chase Ventura
Conan the Vegetarian
Diablo Codeine
Evol Machine
Ka’atina Suiaunoa
Killer JuJuBe
Sugar Shey Leonard